At IC4U, we believe educating you, the homeowner or buyer; is an important part of your home purchase.  We use easy to understand reports with photos and detailed explanations.  We strive to offer inspections above and beyond the standards of practice mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

It's our job to look out for you and your family's best interest; whether buying or selling a home.

Inspector      (512)627-7646

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add-on inspection items

~   Sprinkler System
~   Septic System (NAWT Certified)
                                 Inspector ID 12434ITC  
~   Water Well
~   Hot Tub
~   If there are other items you'd like 
      to have inspected, please feel free to  

Primary services

What does a home

inspection include?

Earl (cell):  512-627-7646
EARL C. GATLIN, JR., TREC #20890                      Scheduling:  512-497-2246

We make every effort to schedule promptly to accommodate your needs.

~   Foundation, including Pier and Beam

~   Structural

~   Roofing

~   Exterior, Walls, Siding, etc...

~   Porches and Decks

~   Attic

~   Electrical Systems

~   Plumbing Systems

~   Interior

~   Doors and Windows

~   Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

~   Ventilation

~   Insulation

~   Fireplaces

~   Appliances